Professional Recovery Service



A professional recovery service.

The Bail Enforcement Agency has been conducting fugitive investigations and apprehensions for over 35 years, successfully returning fugitives to justice domestically as well as internationally. The personnel that comprise our team each possess a unique skill set that contributes to the overall success of the group. Each team member’s skills are continually honed in high-risk entry, warrant service, and hostage rescue. Each member is also required to function as a negotiator; this means not only understanding the entire bail and judicial process, but also the mindset of a barricaded fugitive.

Throughout the years we have been recognized by federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. We have given either tactical or intelligence support with operations involving the FBI, Joint Terrorist Task Force, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Marshall Service, Drug Enforcement Agency, and more. We are extremely proud of our service and the role we play in the American Judicial system.

The Bail Enforcement Agency exists in support of the American judicial system. Our efforts are directed toward bringing fugitives to justice. All investigations and apprehensions we conduct are done in a tactful and professional manner. Our field agents are trained in both diplomacy and covert action, giving our personnel the perfect blend for success.


Areas of Practice


Providing professional recovery services to bail agencies, acting as a liaison between defendants, law enforcement, courts, and jails.


Monitoring and tracking of criminal defendants, as well as investigation and property seizure.



Skill-training for the unique missions we are called to perform, including firearm use, defensive tactics, interview/negotiation techniques, CQC tactical training, less then lethal, and small team tactics.



One of the most important aspects of the global law enforcement community today is the apprehension of fugitives. As a result of their criminal activity, fugitives pose a pervasive threat to public safety. They are often mobile and opportunistic, and frequently finance their flight from capture by continued criminal activities, putting lives, society, and property at risk. Undermining the world's criminal justice systems, they may have been charged with a violation of law but have not been arrested. They may have been released on bail and then fled to avoid prosecution, or perhaps they have escaped from prison. When fugitives flee from their charges, cases are not adjudicated, convicted criminals fail to meet their obligations, and crime victims are denied justice. If fugitives are not pursued by means of an aggressive investigation to locate them, it sends the message to others that fleeing from justice or failing to comply with the law is somehow acceptable. The Bail Enforcement Agency is in a unique position as a private company to be able to pursue fugitives, a privilege and responsibility we take very seriously.




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